en nus cosmetics [on-new] is a play on the French words “en” meaning “in” and “nus” meaning “nude.” en nus cosmetics is completely dedicated to providing people of all ages and skin colors wearable and versatile cosmetics.

We’ve taken this mantra and applied it to our simplified view on beauty. en nus was designed to celebrate beauty in its bare, unadorned, and most natural form.

en nus cosmetics is simple and easy to apply, yet elegant and stylishly appropriate for any occasion. We created key cosmetics that people of all ages and colors could use at any time, whether that be an office, at home, at a party, or on the go.

en nus offers a wide range of wearable and timeless colors—decadent neutrals, pinks, and peaches that only help to enhance and bring forth one’s natural beauty, because what could be more beautiful than you, en nus?

Made in the USA. Paraben and Cruelty Free.